EndCryptor 2.3

EndCryptor offers backward security and recovery from an attack
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EndCryptor offers features that are new on the email encryption software market: backward security and recovery from an attack.
Backward security means that if a hacker or a spy program steals the current security data (encryption keys) then the intruder cannot use this information to decrypt earlier encrypted messages. The recovery from attack means that after some time the intruder has no use of the obtained security data if he tries to decrypt new messages created after the intrusion. This restoration of security is important since the victim of intrusion may be totally unaware of the adversary's activities. Even in case of a successful hacker's attack certain kind of protection against identity hijacking (theft) can be offered. EndCryptor uses public key encryption technology, however, no public key infrastructure (pki) is required – there are no costs due to pki.

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